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Coffee mornings with angels
Aime Hansen
Coffee mornings with angels

112-leheküljeline pehmes köites raamat (inglise keeles)


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Tuntud eesti luuletaja Aime Hanseni esimene luulekogu inglise keeles.

Aime Hansen is an Estonian poet, writer, performance artist and visual artist.

«Coffee Mornings with Angels» contains poetry that is visual, theatrical and playful. The collection showcases both serious and humorous poetry. There are many poems in the style of storytelling; also poems inspired by myths and legends of ancient cultures. In many poems Aime applies drama-writing techniques, such as dialogue, monologue and characters. There is a variety of themes in the poems: relationships, mysteries of life, playful fantasies, observations of society, eternal themes of life and death. The poems in the collection are not translations but are originally written in English.

Aime Hansen has published six collections of poetry and three books of prose. This is her first collection of poetry in English. She has also performed her poetry at various events and festivals in Estonia, the UK and elsewhere.

ISBN: 9789949888177

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