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What a Wonderful World of Legends!
Eda Kalmre
What a Wonderful World of Legends!
Articles on rumours and legends
Koostanud Eda Kalmre
Toimetanud Eda Kalmre

Eesti keelest tõlkinud Tiina Mällo ja Kait Tamm

302-leheküljeline tavaformaadis ja ümbrispaberiga kõvas köites raamat (inglise keeles)

Eesti Kirjandusmuuseum 2018

Saame kohe teele panna
Asukoht: Laki 12/Värvi 5 ladu

Hind € 19.62 Ostukorvi
Artiklid kuulujuttudest ja legendide levikust tänapäeva Eesti.

In the modern world, folktales, legends and rumours reach us through various channels: they spread in oral communication, and can be read in fiction books, on the Internet, and in the written books. We can listen to these texts, read and sometimes even watch their adaptations in television programmes, feature films, ant theatre plays in the visual media.
For an folklore researcher, stories and their relation to the tradition are as important as the issues of the contect and meaning in these texts. Indeed, the majority of these traditional texts affect us one way or another and call us to express our opinion, discuss and debate, and thus inevitably have an impact on our collective consciousness.
What has to be remembered is that the tales from different sources, written and told at different times by different authors and narrators all share the same content – these stories tell us about ourselves, about the system of concepts and values that matter to us.

  • Foreword
  • War and catastrophe
  • Touch of history
  • Estonians and others
  • Supernatural touch
  • New media, new meanings
  • A few observations about urban legends
  • Notes
  • Archival sources
  • Manuscripts
  • Bibliography

Kaanekujundus Artur Kuus
Illustratsioonid Artur Kuus
Mõõdud: 155 × 218 mm
ISBN: 9789949586769

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